The Timid State

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre 

The falcon cannot hear the falconer; 

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold. 

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, 

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere  

The ceremony of innocence is drowned; 

The best lack all conviction, while the worst 

Are full of passionate intensity”. 

‘The Second Coming’, by William Butler Yeats 

There has been a clear failure of the proper authorities to act in protecting ‘the commons’ [*1]. The current racial crisis we are experiencing shall mean the power vested in them by society shall wain. As a result, the authority-power vacuum that emerges shall ultimately be reclaimed by either the de facto legitimacy of the mobs or of those citizens brave, willing and organized enough to stand up to the culmination of revisionism and subversion infiltrating society. The agents who practice this seek to dismantle – not reform, end – not continue, our nation, our state and our civilisation by their very own words and the implications of their demands. There is only the absolute in their minds and so reasonable discussion is impossible and useless. Compromise will only give more precious ground to them and only serve to create blood in the water where upon the rabid activists shall pounce with the lust that only the madness of crowds can produce. 

Due to the ranks of the radical and the intolerant, who themselves accuse you of their crimes, there seems to be no middle ground now, only the abyss which we all are racing toward. We have been for a while, although very few have directly said this for fear of the imposed costs (which are not unwarranted, just look at the fate of Enoch Powell). This abyss is where the meek and those still holding onto the centre lie. Peer in and see, for this is the grave of the timid state and all its corrupted, but once glorious institutions. Like the statues we see today, they have all fallen into the consuming darkness of chaos and the order that took so long to build, deteriorates in front of our very eyes. We stare and do nothing. 

We fail to act for a range of inter-relating and complex factors, but a large part of it boils down to one simple fact. For one reason or another we still all believe in ‘the system’, we are still hoping for things to sort themselves out, for things to go back to ‘normal’. But now more than ever in our polity’s history it seems that the ‘truth’ and rational truthful speech doesn’t count. What is the alternative if not this modus operandi [*2]? Well it’s obvious: ‘Might makes right’ shall be the order of the day. We increasingly see this with the chaos in the streets; vandalism against property and attacks against people. The perpetrators are not punished, but those critiquing them or countering them are (socially or legally depending on the example). What remains to still occur for the majority of the masses is to break the attachment to ‘the system’ and now prepare ourselves for a new world with a new paradigm. A world of transition, change and difficulty. The age of the wolf [*3].  

What we took for granted no longer exists. We must accept that fact and come to terms with the reality facing us. Everything we are, our environment, what we can and can’t do etc, is being radically altered. This is not to make the mistake that this is just a recent phenomenon. This is but the latest in a long trend which only goes to show the failure of conservatives and the right-wing in general in trying to tackle the growing cancer in our education and media, despite them being in government longer in countries like Britain. The new paradigms we are to live in, if those hostile to us get their way, will not favour us or our existence. Slowly we shall feel the gripped hand tighten around our liberty, prosperity and our children who, as I write, are being born into a world where they are taught that they are inherently wrong for being white and doubly so if they are male. Even if they do not carry the original sin of whiteness, they are called uncle toms, coons and are seen as traitors to the cause of abolishing ‘whiteness’ and bringing about the supposed utopia that progressive and intersectionalist ideology wishes to create. To avoid this fate, we must abandon the flaccid right and those who have failed in their duty of care to the polity. 

We must not tolerate the intolerable and if costs are to be imposed upon us and reciprocity broken, then what other option is left but war when there seems to be less and less holding us together and more and more, if not everything, pulling us apart. This is not some propagandistic or hyperbolic message, but a sad reality that is produced like the number at the end of an equation. There is no other alternative to 2 + 2 but the number 4.  

We are left with the reality in front of us. The failure of the state, its institutions and apparent protectors – the so called ‘conservatives’ – to carry out this duty of safeguard ship revealing all three to be compromised by ideologues and/or cowards. They sit back and watch the defilement of our public space and cave in to the unreasonable, endless and ever-evolving demands of the raging crowd. These demands will never be met. They are not meant to. If ‘the centre’ – from government, to company to university – relents, new demands shall be generated. Another quota target to satisfy the hungry beast. They kneel and pander or skirt around the issue. Now, every sign is under review; every statue vulnerable and every building under scepticism while their existence is deemed problematic or not. No one in power and no ‘legitimate’ authority is standing up to the radicals and those that do are demonised by the luggenpresse [*4}. There is no cavalry coming over the hill to save the day. The Alamo stands alone. The ‘us’ (aka the ‘silent majority’) are slowly realising that the mantle of responsibility (I.e. action, force, protection etc) is reverting back to us. The only uncertain things left to discover now are: Will enough people realise this; will they act on this realisation and will it happen fast enough to save not just our country, but our entire civilisation? 

All of these questions are important. But one rises above the rest and applies to you personally: When everyone seems to be kneeling, will you stand up? 

[*1 Private and public property, accepted norms, and community space] 

[*2 – Mode of operation]. 

[*3 – The ‘Wolf age’ is said to be an age where brother turns against brother, there is constant warfare, widespread whoredom and hardship. It is the prelude to the end of the world at which point the world will be recreated and born anew]. 

[*4 – Translates to ‘the lying press’ from German]. 

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