Are You Still Alive?

I am alive. Why do I post so rarely? I’ll be honest. It’s a mixture of a few things. First off, I have been lazy, no other way about it. I feel like I should produce more, but everything that I feel like creating is not apt for the essay/short story format. If I amContinue reading “Are You Still Alive?”

The Vice of Stimulation and the Curse of Comfort 

I see people buying stuff just because they’re bored, sometimes in the hundreds of pounds, even when they do not intend to buy anything, they do so nonetheless. They fall victim to the ever more sophisticated marketing that hacks the undisciplined minds of the greater populace.   Boredom is a natural phenomenon. It is a normalContinue reading “The Vice of Stimulation and the Curse of Comfort “


Ken exhaled. The dim light caught the smoke flowing in his room. He leaned against the balcony wall and looked out at the city, mostly asleep. Dark apartments, some lit ones dotted about; police sirens in the far distance; streetlights, a murmur behind everything. It felt troubled, but maybe that was just him. He lookedContinue reading “Qualia”

What is Left to Write

The curse of the writer today is one of circumstance.  I can guarantee those standing at the bottom of the mountain have felt what I feel: A grinding, crushing force as the world moves, time continues and yet one feels like they are still standing, motionless. To me, there seems to be three clear cutContinue reading “What is Left to Write”

The Floyd Legacy

Preamble:  This article should have come out earlier. Seeing the George Floyd incident and subsequent protests, riots and political happenings, this essay was written to help get things off my chest. Being in lockdown and with little to do since my commitments to university had ceased, I had little to do but watch as sophistsContinue reading “The Floyd Legacy”

It was always 2020: Or how I stopped worrying and chose to embrace suffering

All around you, and I know you have felt this because I admittedly have felt it too, is this feeling of uniqueness to 2020. That this year has some sort of finality to it, as if it’s the final level of a boss in a game. But I want to dispel this notion and putContinue reading “It was always 2020: Or how I stopped worrying and chose to embrace suffering”

Second time better?

The last month of Autumn and Christmas is fast approaching, but we find ourselves in another lockdown. I have to confess, I wanted to write this article when we (in the UK) entered our first lockdown, but through a mixture of being busy with my final year at university and a fair dose of procrastination, I didContinue reading “Second time better?”

The Timid State

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre  The falcon cannot hear the falconer;  Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.  Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,  The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   The ceremony of innocence is drowned;  The best lack all conviction, while the worst  Are full of passionate intensity”.  ‘The SecondContinue reading “The Timid State”

Not much to show: NATO, Kosovo and Operation Allied Force

Introduction There are various views on the Kosovo crisis and NATO’s role in it. What’s clear is that there is a mix of both positive and negative outcomes that are intertwined with one another. To properly evaluate them it is important to use a proper framework for ‘success’. For the purposes of this essay, theContinue reading “Not much to show: NATO, Kosovo and Operation Allied Force”