Are You Still Alive?

I am alive.

Why do I post so rarely?

I’ll be honest. It’s a mixture of a few things. First off, I have been lazy, no other way about it. I feel like I should produce more, but everything that I feel like creating is not apt for the essay/short story format. If I am not gripped by something and feel like I am compelled to write about it then I can’t. It’s as simple as that. Either I lose interest, or I do not even have an idea of how to begin something.

Even when I do feel good about writing, this feeling does not last. Yesterdays promising draft, is tomorrows disapointment and sometimes I can’t bring myself to the keyboard out of shear embarressment.

There are other reasons. This has always been a part time thing. A project that is to the side of my usual activities and so the time I have to spend fluctuates and is never always present.

Finally, it’s not to say that I haven’t been busy, because I have. Primarily I’ve been focused on writing a novel since autumn 2020. This has been my main creative drive since I started writing (about 2017). Depending on how I count it and what I ultimately choose to keep, the work stands between 40,000-50,000.

Is it near to being done? I guess so, relatively speaking. However, there is still some ways to go before I will be satisfied with it and that’s not to mention the logisitics of getting this thing out which will take time to research, prepare and implement.

So, there is my update. If you have advice/sources on publishing or think I should branch out onto other platforms, fireaway. I’m interested as to what people think.

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