The Floyd Legacy


This article should have come out earlier. Seeing the George Floyd incident and subsequent protests, riots and political happenings, this essay was written to help get things off my chest. Being in lockdown and with little to do since my commitments to university had ceased, I had little to do but watch as sophists in the media poisoned the airwaves and rioters pull down statues and once again proceed to dump over Wetsern culture.   

After relatively quickly organising and writing a first draft I had intended to sit on it for a while, as I often do with my work, I proceeded to gain more evidence and statistics to make this essay grander. But as time passed my inner laziness, interest as well as events passed. I was drawn elsewhere. Now that the initial fallout and cultural conversation has moved on (for now) posting this essay may seem out of the blue and late.  

To be perfectly honest, I think it is. But, for my own sake, it seems a shame to waste these words and so I post it now. Not as a final say on the matter, but of a representation of a mostly in the moment frustration of what I saw being attacked and not adequately defended. Maybe, in time, I will return to this topic and dive with a more in-depth look. Maybe not. 

The essay: 

The Death of George Floyd on 25th May was swiftly followed with harsh condemnation at the officers involved from all sides. Not one veteran, MAGA, right-wing or ex/police site page or individual I have seen has defended the actions of Derek Chauvin. State apparatus nor public discord went against the fact the death of Mr Floyd was unjust and yet this is somehow proof of America, and Western society at large, is racist and systemically compromised. Never mind the man was arrested, never mind everyone saw it as unjust from all corners of society. That didn’t stop people. What remains to be seen is the motivation of death. Was it incompetence; a vengeful personal attack or was it a racist murder? This remains to be seen, but the court of public opinion has been decided. Our society, specifically white society, is guilty and black people must have compensation. 

Disregarding the fact that George Floyd should not have died in the first place, his legacy should have been of a man wrongly killed by police. However, this legacy has been quickly corrupted by interests and groups who have illegitimate or inconsistent intentions and have been allowed to run with their false ideas for too long. So, this piece of work below is to set the record straight with some of the things that have been mentioned and that I have seen. There is no overarching structure and the only key argument is to look at the facts and to stop virtue signalling as well as being ashamed to be white. So here it is, point by point: 

‘This proves racism’ – No it is does not. It is at most a sign of individual racism from the officers in question (which could very well be the case). Every officer across the country and the world has come out against this incident. The President has; the media has; every person ever. It has led the news and everyone is angry. It hasn’t been celebrated or denied or covered up etc. The officer has been arrested. The person who did the bad is now facing consequences for his actions through the justice system. Is this a systemically racist society? Side note: note how it’s just general accusations of racism, oppression, systemic discrimination. Often there is very little in terms of specific legislation and laws that prove racism exists. 

The virtue signalling – My God this has to stop. I cannot take this anymore from basic white bitches who think they are making a difference or that their opinion is worth a damn just because they are fit and they get likes on Instagram. They have lived a life of illusion for too long and no one has called them out on anything because they’re just trying to fuck them. Celebrities saying, they ‘stand with you’. No, you’re not. You’re in a mansion, they’re in the hood, you take Instagram selfies or pretend to be people on TV so no you’re not with them. Posting a black photo does nothing and is nothing and only signals to others that you are like them a good person and nice and lovely and not racist and ‘oh please notice how virtuous I am’. It is even here in the UK. What has the UK got to do with the US? What has Spotify got to do with the US? What has Football got to do with the US? All this signalling from whites (like I said White girls are the most egregious offenders) sharing and posting stuff which says “how to spot my privilege”, “how I can do better” and “how I need to educate myself” by reading books like “Why I am no longer speaking to white people about race”. Are there not racialist undertones to this? It feels like the entire white race is walking on egg shells atoning for its original sin for existing and by creating the modern world. It is concerning, the paradigm presented to us that implies whites must change, society must change (they never specify to what) and we are always chasing ever changing goal posts and standards set by them on us. They hold power OVER US.  

The real disagreement – What people are angry about are the riots. Police who had nothing to do with the incident attacked and police horses hurt. Innocent civilians attacked and businesses and their business owners – many of whom black and from ‘the community’ have been hurt. For what? Is stealing products from target or robbing a games store fighting for justice? Is that what George Floyd would want? Who are you fighting? Not the state. You’re fighting your neighbours, your fellow citizens. ALL of whom sided with Floyd, not Chauvin. In fact, more people have died as a result of the rioting than blacks killed annually on average. There’s some food for thought. 

The Media – Have once again revealed themselves for who they are. Profiteers seeking more violence. Running with the false narrative for years that the police have just been riding around shooting and killing black men left right and centre every day as if every city is a free fire zone. The only option that’s apparent is that they wish to instigate a race war which will occur with the blacks and leftists on one side and those that become more radicalized every time they see yet another business or person get killed by a bunch of rabid looters screaming and screeching. Our apparent polarisation is caused largely by them.  

Mum he hit me – If you’re in front of a car or if you’re attacking someone in it and they run you over because they’re surrounded and you’re screaming and attacking them (who have done nothing) then don’t be surprised when they run you over. You deserve it. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. If you corner a cop and he’s fighting for his life and outnumbered and is armed then don’t be surprised when they use their baton, spray or gun on you. Once you break the rules of civil society you enter a different arena, you decided to step over that line where different rules apply and you have accepted. It doesn’t matter if your cause is just or not, the same rules apply. 

The false narrative (and why whites have nothing to be ashamed of) – Some facts need to be set in order. Whites are 5 time more likely to get attacked by a black person. Relatively speaking that jumps up to 25 times more likely than vice versa. There have been racist attacks and rhetoric explicitly targeting whites and threatening to go to the suburbs – nothing from people who are concerned about racism. A police officer is 12 times more likely to be killed by a black person than the other way and whites get killed more by the police than blacks. Out of every 1000 arrests for backs 3 are shot by the police whereas for whites its 4. Blacks commit 515 of murders, 585 robberies, more than 44% of all crime, are 7 times more likely to commit a crime, 33% of all rapes and in the same circumstances a white suspect is more likely than a black suspect to get shot. Blacks are more likely to be killed by other blacks than whites and from civilians rather than the police. 

To come to some sort of winding conclusion, all this (I.e., the violence and progressive policies etc) hurts everyone, including the black community! Yet we, the oedipal authority, pander to them like a spoilt child having a tantrum. We discount the truth to focus on presentation and posturing to hold up the lies we live in. We go through these charades of Covid, race relations and even voting. Referendums, elections, how gullible are we to think this will bring actual change? We condemn ourselves with our dumbfuckery. We rather we appeared nice and felt better, rather than do actual objective good.  Truth dies as facts and objectively are pushed out for increasingly ever shifting subjective standards.  

You know not what you critique. Yes you, Nietsche’s tarantula. You have no idea the value of what you just throw away. As you discard it, you discard you. You idiot. Other people, greater people, have suffered far more and done greater things than you. You, in your silly and ‘unique’ dress. All you can do is enjoy the fruits of the garden curated by others. Your Frappuccino from Starbucks, the latest iPhone and so on. All you can achieve is consumption and destruction. You cannot create anything except graffiti, interpretive dance and spoken word poetry – which is not poetry. How dare you condemn them and all of us. How dare you turn your back on everything that made you or allowed you to exist in this space. 

Ingratitude is a breakdown of reciprocity. 

We are in a battle to the death for our civilisation and for the initiative to exist. Ours backs are not against the wall, but we are in the dead-end alley. Our only option is to break out or soon feel a brick wall pressing on our spines. 

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